On the spot machines

I’ve been out and about looking for good machines to draw and paint. It turns out that although construction machines are just about everywhere, finding one suitable to draw can be quite tricky. I will drive for miles and miles (excessive distances really) just to get the right machine at the correct vantage point. Right now with the weather as it is, the correct vantage point means some where I don’t have to get out of my car to create the image. That means I need to find a place I can park with a relatively unobstructed view out my front windshield, and somewhere where I am not in the way of actual construction (Like the other day, where I killed my battery, right in the middle of a construction site between two berms of earth with machines driving around. Good times.). What that really means is that I will find a machine that might meet my criteria and if the view is right I’ll drive around in circles, until I find a good spot, then I’ll pull a 20 point turn nudging my car into a picture perfect position. It’s like a dog bedding down for the night. Countless circles walking on their beds until it’s just right (and what is it that they are actually doing to make it just right?). That I think is the question I ask myself. What am I looking for, a good 3/4 view of the machine, with just a hint of the far side tires showing underneath? A particularly interesting mechanism? Maybe the correct lighting? Who knows. Once I’ve started however, I try and stick with it. With all of the time invested looking for the drawing, the actual creation is relatively straight forward, except for the part with every image I do where I am sorely tempted to crumple it up and throw it away. That’s for another post.

4 responses to “On the spot machines

  1. Each time you post a blog you make my day. You have a refreshing and ingenious way of seeing the world that I regularly miss.

  2. Oh my goodness! Only you can take ordinary machinery and make it look so delicious and inviting! It’s like “EVERYONE HAS GOT TO HAVE ONE OF THESE THINGS, strategically situated in one’s backyard…or front yard…or even LIVING ROOM!! Would THAT not be COOL?!?!?

  3. Awesome sketches. I always have to stop and stare at construction sites and the vehicles whenever I pass them. Like a kid with his Tonka Trucks. I just like seeing big machines move. Hopefully one day when i get free time I’ll go venture out and draw them. Good stuff.

  4. Mark. Love the description of you positioning the car to get the right angle. Only in the rainy NW. How long were you sketching that day? You must have been beat. I like the street sweeper the best.

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