Comfort Food

Here is a sketch from this afternoon, a different view of one of the Ness Cranes that I drew a few weeks ago. Some days you just need to draw the thing that makes you happy. This sketch is from a lot down on E. Marginal way just south of the Museum of Flight. I was driving around this morning looking for something/anything to draw and saw the gravel lot full of these cranes. It’s kind of like eating mashed potatoes and pot roast. Nothing fancy, just protein and starch. Steel and yellow paint.

8 responses to “Comfort Food

  1. Nothing fancy!
    I think this is fabulous. It looks like a catered dinner from The Herb Farm restaurant outside of Seattle – I’ll never eat there and I’ll never draw like this!
    God has certainly blessed those hands of yours, young man! DEB

  2. Fabulous Mark. You just keep getting better and better. I still think if you send some samples to a publisher you’d snag some work. Follow up each month with a postcard. That way you don’t have to fret abot the story.

  3. Mark, how long did this take start to finish. Knowing you, probably just 15 minutes.

    • Definately much longer than 15 minutes, I think it’s closer to an hour. I want to see some Japanese construction equipment Dan.

      • @rocketsandrabbits. The neighboring town has a bunch. I’ll try to send some your way. BTW I thought I checked the box to have your blog notify me of any follow up comments. You might be able to force it by doing what I did with the ‘@’ symbol. Let’s try it. I’ll post another comment but not check the notify me box. Ok?

  4. Mark, I didn’t get your reply. I got your email but not from this site. I am subscribed to your blog however and when you post something new, I do get a message. This time I am commenting from my computer and not my iphone. I guess the @ symbol didn’t work like it does on other sites. Hmmm.


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