My goal is to walk through unknown doors to new places. By new places I mean old warehouse, breakfast cereal factories, lumber yards, and industrial crayon facilities. I then like to draw what I see and show it here.

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  1. Mark! Call me! You are amazing. Let’s have a drink.
    213 220-4746

  2. Hey Mark!

    I love, love, LOVE the artwork you did for our Trek in the Park show. I was wondering if I could get your full name so we can credit you appropriately on our website?


  3. Hello Mark,
    I am Yasir Elsadigm an engineer and website designer. I am totally fascinated by the simplicity lines and colors you do. How can I use your drawings in some of my designs? Hope you give me the honor.

  4. Yasir Elsadig :-)

  5. Hello Mark,
    Do you sell your artwork by any chance? Either prints or digital files? I stumbled across your blog while looking for pictures for trucks for my son’s room. I really like yours, and I’d love to have them on the walls. Please email me if this is possible. lisadavey verizon net. Thanks.

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